Codingstyle.com: Interview with wxWindows Developers

“Early 2002 marks wxWindows 10th birthday, and to mark
this occasion, Codingstyle has interviewed several of the project’s
key developers, who discussed in great detail a wide variety of
topics, including what wxWindows is, where it is going; project
management, cross-platform issues, and much more.

…wxWindows aims to provide a comprehensive framework for
writing cross-platform – but natively looking – GUI applications.
The main part of it deals with the GUI support as this is arguably
the most difficult problem with writing portable applications. It
aims to include the classes implementing all the standard (whatever
it means at the given moment – this evolves with time) attributes
of a modern GUI program, in particular it explicitly doesn’t limit
itself to the lowest common denominator (which is a common
accusation against cross-platform toolkits). Currently wxWindows
has 2 production-quality ports: wxMSW (Win32, although Win16 is
still supported – with some limitations) and wxGTK (Unix/X11 +
GTK+). wxMac port is in [or slightly past] the beta stage and
progresses rapidly. There is also wxMotif port but which is not
being actively developed any longer due to the lack of use and
wxOS2 port which is still in alpha. Finally, an exciting new
development is the so-called wxUniv port which implements all the
GUI controls in wxWindows itself (similar to the approach taken by
Qt) and which can be used to port wxWindows to many other
platforms, such as Linux framebuffer (using GDK – but *not* GTK+),
DOS (using the SciTech Software MGL toolkit – this one is actually
working!) or wxMicroWindows port.”

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