Computer Currents: Myth II Game For Linux

“Bungie Software, long a leader in both multiplatform
development and high-end games, casts a vote of confidence for
Linux by announcing that their recent hit title “Myth II:
Soulblighter” will soon be available for the open-source

“To port and distribute the title Bungie has turned to Loki
Entertainment Software, the premier company bringing triple-A
titles to the Linux platform.”

“Code for the Linux version of Myth II is already being
compiled, and Loki expects the title will be complete in the late
summer of 1999. Linux users will soon be joining crowds of Windows
and Macintosh gamers on bungie.net, the free Internet game service
that supports Myth: The Fallen Lords and Myth II: Soulblighter.
Elaborating on this decision, Bungie CEO Alexander Seropian noted,
“Linux is a growing platform for computer enthusiasts, and Bungie
is a growing company for game enthusiasts – it makes a lot of sense
for us to make Myth available for Linux.”