ComputerWorld: Eyes on the IT Wallet

In a recent Computerworld survey of 101 IT managers at
midsize and large companies, half the respondents said their
budgets would rise this year.
One-third said their spending
plans would stay the same and 17% said they would fall. For those
saying budgets would shrink, the average decline was 22%….”

“Still others hope to trim costs by reusing software and using
freeware. A few pin their budget-cutting hopes on fiscal discipline
and the ability to just say no to some requests….”

“Gerald Stevens Inc. in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., is letting the
natural progress of technology work in its financial favor. The
company, which sells flowers and gift items both online and through
retail stores, now pays $1,500 or less for a desktop PC, compared
with $2,500 just two years ago. It uses the Apache Web server
freeware and will consider the use of the Linux operating system as
well, says CIO Steven Nevill.”