ComputerWorld: Retailer [Jay Jacobs] Bets Big on Linux

“But plays it safe with NT, Unix at corporate

“Jay Jacobs is spending $1.7 million this year — about 2.5% of
its revenue — to replace the ancient DOS-based systems at its
headquarters and in its 120 stores.”

“But Lawrence is taking the savings gained by adopting a new
operating system only so far. At headquarters, he’s hedging his
bets with the more established NT and Unix.”

“… many users are now considering Linux because they have
become frustrated with Windows NT’s need for service packs to
perform with adequate stability.

“For example, Envision Utility Software Corp., a maker of
billing software for utilities, has found a large performance
increase when using Oracle Corp.’s Oracle8 database on Linux as
opposed to on NT…”

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