CPU Review: nVidia/SGI/VA Linux OpenGL Q&A

[ Thanks to Bill
for this link. ]

As soon as I read about this collaborative effort, I fired
off a question to the appropriate PR contact at nVidia, SGI and VA

“Gentlemen, I just read your press release; this is certainly an
interesting development – but I have a few questions whose answers
will interest my readers:

1.will this OpenGL be based on Mesa?
2.If not, why not?
3.Will Brian Paul be involved in this effort? He has been
spearheading Mesa on Linux.
4.If not, why not?
5.Will this OpenGL be Open Source?
6.Under what license?
7.Will the shared library be call compatible allowing the choice of
your OpenGL and Mesa? “

“I must say I am very impressed with the speed of nVidia’s
response; Mr. Michael W. Hara, Vice President of Corporate
Marketing for nVidia replied in less than 50 minutes!”

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