c’t: VMware 1.0: Windows with Linux

Thanks to Fred Mobach for
this link.

“No missing out on popular operating systems and the respective
applications for people who like working with Linux any more.
VMware under Linux simulates a PC inside a PC and runs DOS, Windows
& co in it.”

“Compared to its previous version (see c’t 7/99), VMware has
essentially been fine-tuned and, for example, problems with German
keyboard settings have been eliminated. What’s a real bonus is that
MVware have re-thought their pricing and are now offering a
competitive version for private use.”

“VMware uses the host operating system’s (currently Linux)
resources only for providing an independent PC. While traditional
emulators make a big effort to mirror one operating system’s
functions onto another, VMware doesn’t even try. Sufficient
performance provided Windows & co will run flawlessly in the X

“VMware recommends a system with 64 MBytes of RAM and a Pentium
II with 266 MHz. For everyday use, a normal Pentium should do the
trick. Sufficient main memory is essential. There should be
physically enough for both host and guest system(s) to breathe
freely and for none of the systems to be forced to relocate data.
With current Linux systems (kernel 2.2.x), VMware profits from an
additional CPU. However, only the host system will benefit. Only
one CPU is available to the guest systems.”