Daemon News: The History of PostgreSQL Development

“PostgreSQL is the most advanced open-source database server. It
is Object-Relational(ORDBMS), and is supported by a team of
Internet developers. PostgreSQL began as Ingres, developed at the
University of California at Berkeley(1977-1985). The Ingres code
was taken and enhanced by Relational Technologies/Ingres
Corporation, which produced one of the first commercially
successful relational database servers. (Ingres Corp. was later
purchased by Computer Associates.)”

“In the summer of 1996, it became clear that the demand for an
open-source SQL database server was great, and a team should be
formed to continue development.”

“In the previous year, we had searched for PostgreSQL, and found
that many people were recommending other databases, even though we
were addressing user concerns as rapidly as possible. One year
later, many people were recommending us to users who needed
transaction support, complex queries, commercial-grade SQL support,
complex data types, and reliability.”

“Every release is now a major improvement over the last.”