developerWorks: Perl 6 Grammars and Regular Expressions

“Perl 6 is finally coming within reach. In this article, Ted
gives you a tour of the grammars and regular expressions of the
Perl 6 language, comparing them with the currently available
Parse::RecDescent module for Perl 5. Find out what will be new with
Perl 6 regular expressions and how to make use of the new, powerful
incarnation of the Perl scripting language.

“For any Perl programmer, the Perl 6 project is a hot topic.
Perl has always been an evolving language, and Perl 6 has
definitely evolved from Perl 5 in almost every way imaginable (but
you can still tell they come from the same camel). Perl 6 will run
on top of Parrot, a versatile virtual machine that will be able to
load and interpret not only Perl 6 bytecode, but many other
languages as well…”

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