DIPC (Distributed IPC) 2.0 is available

[ From Kamran
via the LinuxPPC mailing lists. ]


This is to announce that version 2.0 of DIPC for Linux is available now.
DIPC can be used to build and program clusters (multi-computers)
very easily, and provides distributed program developers with
semaphores, messages and Transparent Distributed Shared Memory

The following are some of the features in DIPC 2.0:

  • In addition to i386 and m68k, it now supports PowerPC, MIPS,
    Alpha and SPARC processors.
  • There is a considerable speed increase in DIPC’s Distributed
    Shared Memory operations.
  • The code is SMP-friendly.
  • Compiles under glibc 2.1 and libc.
  • Is easily usable on clusters with diskless machines.
  • DIPC Is GPL, so you can do any modifications you may like, for
    example to adapt it to any custom distributed programming hardware
    you may have.

The file dipc-2.0.tgz, containing the complete source code and
documents, can be obtained by anomymous FTP from wallybox.cei.net,
in directory /pub/dipc. Alternatively, it can be downloaded from
sunsite.unc.edu, in /pub/Linux/system/network/distrib.

Here is DIPC’s LSM file:

Title:          DIPC (Distributed Inter-Process Communication)
Version:        2.0
Entered-date:   20SEP99
Description:    DIPC enables you to build and program distributed 
                (multi-computer) systems very easily. It works by
                making System V IPC mechanisms (shared memories,
                semaphores and messages) network transparent.
Keywords:       distributed parallel programming multi computer cluster
                kernel shared memory message semaphore RPC IPC DSM WAN
                network TCP/IP UDP/IP heterogeneous environment
Author:         [email protected] (Kamran Karimi)
Maintained-by:  [email protected] (Kamran Karimi)
Primary-site:   wallybox.cei.net /pub/dipc
                266kB dipc-2.0.tgz
Alternate-site: sunsite.unc.edu /pub/Linux/system/network/distrib
                266kB dipc-2.0.tgz
Platforms:      Linux/i386, Linux/PowerPC, Linux/MIPS, Linux/Alpha,
                Linux/m68k, Linux/SPARC
Copying-policy: GPL. Copyright (C) Kamran Karimi

Kamran Karimi