Doing geospatial business with FLOSS: An Interview with CartoDB

[ Thanks to Edwood
for this link. ]

“F4S: Please, give us a brief introduction about CartoDB.
“CartoDB: CartoDB is a geospatial database on the cloud. We enable
developers and data explorers to easily visualise and query their
spatial data online through an easy to use interface. In addition,
CartoDB has high speed data and map API’s to easily allow you to
publish your data and build geospatial apps. CartoDB is an open
source product, and we also provide paid-for hosting.

“F4S: When and why was CartoDB founded? Where is it located?
“CartoDB: We built CartoDB in response to our experience at
Vizzuality designing and building open source geospatial
applications. We found ourselves repeating the same things over and
over and thought: “this should be easier!”. CartoDB was founded in
2011, and has offices in Madrid, New York and London.”