E-Commerce Times: Bush Plays the ‘Microsoft Card’

“Earlier this week, Texas governor and Republican presidential
candidate George W. Bush hinted that he would not have allowed the
U.S. to take antitrust action against the Microsoft empire.”

“Despite emphasizing that he would not comment directly on the
ongoing case, Bush said at a news conference Monday that, ‘If
you’re looking for the kind of president I will be, I’ll be slow to
litigate.’ Bush added that he would consider potential antitrust
action by first asking ‘Are the entities innovative, are jobs being
created, the economy better off?’ “

“Protestations aside, it was obvious to me that Bush was playing
the ‘Microsoft Card’ for all it was worth. He was reportedly
flanked by representatives of high-tech companies, including
Microsoft, and what’s more, Washington Senator Slade Gorton told
reporters that a President Bush would try to settle the Microsoft
case without breaking up the company.”

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