E-Commerce Times: Intel Walks Tightrope Between Microsoft and Linux

“In a move that surely gained favor with Microsoft and drew
disdain from Linux lovers, Intel Chief Executive Crag Barrett made
a joint speech with Bill Gates at a Burlington, California meeting
this week — showcasing companies that are switching from Unix
systems to Windows NT. The companies included Ford Motor Co., Enron
Corp. and Sony Corp.

“But some analysts say that the joint announcement by the
biggest personal computer chipmaker and the biggest software
company was little more than a chest beating ritual directed at
Linux — the new kid on the block that’s been kicking butt and
taking names.

“Yet, it’s Intel [sic] obvious collaboration with Microsoft
and at the same time its reluctance to back away from Linux that
shows not just the depth of its duplicity — but also the progress
of the free operating system’s penetration into Microsoft’s