Easy Software Products Releases ESP Print Pro Beta 1

Michael Sweet writes:

Hollywood, MD (July 16, 1999) — Easy Software Products today
announced the first beta release of ESP Print Pro, a completely new
printing solution for UNIX®. The new product is based on the
company’s Common UNIX Printing System technology and supports
Digital UNIX, HP-UX, IRIX, Linux, and Solaris.

ESP Print Pro is a complete printing solution that prints
international text, Adobe® PostScript®, PDF, HP-GL/2,
PhotoCD(TM), PBM, PGM, and PPM files transparently to over 1500
printers via serial, parallel, and network connections. ESP Print
Pro is based on the Common UNIX Printing System and provides
PostScript and image file RIPs to support non-PostScript

Easy Software Products is a six year old small business that
produces printing, document management, Internet, and computer
graphics solutions for UNIX and Microsoft Windows®. ESP
software is sold by nearly 40 distributors in over 80 countries
worldwide. Additional information on Easy Software Products and ESP
Print Pro can be found at http://www.easysw.com. Information on
the Common UNIX Printing System can be found at http://www.cups.org.