EE Times: Vienna agreement loosens some exports, but sets limit on products over 64 bits–Despite deal, encryption stalemate endures

“The Great Encryption Debate that has dragged on for more than
five years shows no signs of abating.”

“The encryption deal announced in Vienna on Dec. 3 by the
Wassenaar Arrangement, the 33-nation group that monitors military
exports, was greeted with predictable scorn by those opposed to
restrictions on the export of encryption products.”

“On other export issues, Commerce officials predicted that U.S.
controls on computer exports will eventually be phased out.”

“The secret here is the chips, not the box,” Reinsch said,
noting that relatively high-performance ICs have been decontrolled
since early in the Bush administration. Linking multiple boards or
PCs using software like Linux “is not a closely held technology in
the United States,” he said. “It’s all over the world via U.S. and
non-U.S. clone production facilities.”