EETimes: Development tools alive and well, thanks to Linux

“It’s true that eight years ago the development tools market had
a lot more players and a lot more competition. It’s also true that
Microsoft realized how critically strategic development tools are
to an operating system and poured considerable resources into
building the finest tools available for Windows. Competitors were
either absorbed or simply outdone.”

“Today the development tools market is poised to take off again.
Why? Because today there’s a whole host of new platforms and
applications that are evolving from academic and research areas to
mainstream development. Not only are there new alternatives to
PC-based computing, but even within that realm there are operating
system alternatives, such as Linux. Indeed, the Linux operating
system presents the best opportunity tool makers have seen in the
past 10 years.

“Linux grew from humble beginnings and virtually no commercial
tools. The common way to code Linux, even today, is with primitive
command-line tools, the kind that were obsolete in the DOS/Windows
world 10 years ago. In a survey of Linux developers, Evans
Marketing Services found nine out of 11 tool categories rated as
less than adequate. Only compilers and editors were considered
satisfactory. In addition, 53.5 percent of the developers said they
still primarily use command line tools. Only 17 percent use an
integrated development environment.”


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