eFront BetaNews: Mozilla Releases Final Pre-Beta Milestone

“Mozilla.org has taken another large step towards shipping a
full beta version of it’s open source Web browser, by releasing
Mozilla Milestone 14
this afternoon. Milestone 14 is
considered the last milestone until Mozilla’s genuine beta version,
which has been timed to coincide with the project’s second
anniversary a month from now.”

“A recent decision by Netscape will result in cryptography
(encryption) components being included in a later release of

“Some additions implemented since M13 include drag and drop
support, improved “HTML intelligent sending”, the transformation
from a console to “real” Windows application, and even built in
support for the finger protocol. But as always, the majority of
changes from one milestone to the next are mountains of bug fixes
and performance enhancements to bring the browser closer and closer
to the final product.”