Forbes: 2 Amigos, 1 Amiga

Thanks to Les Connally
for this link.

“James Collas, name-dropper and chief executive of Gateway
subsidiary Amiga Inc., has been swamped by a torrent of e-mail
since he announced in early July that the new version of the Amiga
computer, due out this fall, will use Linux…”

“… excitement about the Amiga is especially intense for a
couple of reasons.

“First, the Amiga computer, a technically advanced machine that
has survived two corporate bankruptcies since its 1985 debut, still
has a devoted following of thousands who may finally have their day
in the sun.

“Second, the move looks like a clue in the Silicon Valley
obsession with what exactly Torvalds’ shadowy employer, Transmeta,
is up to.”