Ftp.Linuxberg.com: ISO section revealed

[ Rob Kennedy writes:

It seems that the world needs a place that is a depository for
Linux ISO images. Look no further… Linuxberg to the rescue!

An ISO image is a cdrom image that you can download, and either
mount via nfs to install from it, or burn it to a cdrom.

We obtained most of these images from Linuxcentral.com, so if these
are helpful to you.. make sure you let them know.

Here is the address:

The distributions we have at the moment are as follows:
Redhat 6.0
SuSE 6.2
Slackware 4.0
Debian 2.1 r2 (two images)
Caldera 2.2 (2.3 on the way)
Mandrake 6.0-2

All of these have an md5 checksum file in their directories.. if
you want to make sure that you got the whole file, do this:
md5sum isofile
and see if your string of numbers matches with the numbers in the