Gamora IRC Q&A and Demo

Scott G. Miller

The second annual Gamora IRC Q&A and Demo gathering is being
held this Sunday, July 18th, at 2:00 P.M. central standard time.
Point your IRC clients to gamora.org:6667, channel #gamora.

The gathering will show off what Gamora can and can’t do, why
you should be writing servers on it, and why it’s so darned cool as
an app framework.

Come with questions and ideas. I would like to take part of the
meeting to develop a simple server application in the presence of
the group, so bring suggestions as to what you’d like to see
implemented. If no-one has a better idea, the app will likely be a
simple ICQ like message server, but I’m sure there are some better
ideas out there.

Demoing and development will be done using Gamora DR0.71, which,
though a development release, is quite stable, and nearing a
feature freeze for the second stable release at or around

Hope to see you there!

— Scott G. Miller

Gamora is The GNU
Adaptable Multiplatform Object Routing Architecture.

“classifiable most closely as an application server, but is
really a creature with many heads. Gamora’s original purpose was to
create a framework in which creating network servers was a trivial
task. Like many free-software projects, it outgrew this, and became
a platform for developing modular applications quickly, while
gaining advantages transparent to the developer, but incredibly