The University Computer Club at the University of Western Australia annouces uCsimby

ACC Murphy

The UWA UCC has completed their latest robotics/AI project in
their 25th year by replacing the brains of a Furby with a uCsimm
running the Motorola 68EZ328 port of uClinux.

This project was inspired by the MIT Media Lab’s Mort and
the HackFurby.com crew.

All the internal sensors were interfaced to the I2C bus of the
uCsimm using a TI MSP430 Ultra Low Power Microcontroller for all
sensors and the speech output.

The Furby’s IR sensor and transmitter are connected to the TI
MSP430 however the Furby protocol is yet to be implemented so at
present uCsimby is waiting for his mate to be constructed (or for
someone to implement the IR protocol of standard Furbies).

For more information please see http://furby.ucc.gu.uwa.edu.au

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