GARNOME 0.12.1 “Can’t Dance In These Old Shoes” Released

GARNOME 0.12.1: "Can't Dance In These Old Shoes"

I got myself a little present when G2D was released, which encouraged some
cool fixes to GARNOME. How do you spell "holiday"? Here's the silicon-candy:

  Results of optimised "time make -j install" in the meta/gnome-desktop
  garball with a Dual Athlon 1800+ MP, 512MB DDR RAM. Complete build in
  tmpfs (!!!) installed to usual disk-based ext3 prefix:

    real    55m6.347s
    user    63m25.590s
    sys     16m48.420s

"Sweet baby Jebus."

Enjoy G2D and GARNOME. :-)

What's New?

  * Update to KDE 3.0.2.
  * Added: kdeaddons, kdeartwork, kdebindings, kdenetwork, kdesdk, kdevelop,
    mostfet-liquid. Not entirely sure if the depends are right for some of
    these. ;-)
  * Added buildclean rule and accompanying BUILD_CLEAN variable in
    gar.conf.mk/. If you need to build on a small drive, or in tmpfs, set
    BUILD_CLEAN to 1. Off by default, because it will confuse people
    unfamiliar with GAR.
  * Enforced -j1 in some garballs, so that complete parallel builds of at
    least the GNOME stuff will build. This effects: GConf, ORBit2,
    gnome-panel, libgtkhtml, libgtop, libxml2, sawfish.
  * Added Intel and AMD optimised build hints to the category.mk files.
    Just go in and swap the comments. AMD hints designed for GCC 3.1.
  * Updated a few GNOME garballs, and included the GStreamer 0.4.0 release.
    Rhythmbox and gst-player not yet updated for it, don't expect these to
    work. :-)

Where Do I Get It?

The tarball and documentation [1] are available on the GARNOME website:


- Jeff

[1] People who don't read the documentation tend to look pretty silly on
garnome-list and in #garnome.

                I get my kicks above the .sigline, sunshine.       

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