Getting to know Alice

“After I wrote a review of the Scratch programing environment,
one of our readers suggested that I look into the Alice programing
environment. http://alice.org/ Well, I’ve gotten to know Alice and
have found it to be quite an impressive programing environment. By
the way, I’m always looking for interesting subjects to write
about, so if you have suggestions, please email them to me.

“Alice is a programing environment that allows students to learn
Object Oriented Programing in a compelling 3-D environment. With
Alice, students add objects to a 3-D world and use each object’s
built-in methods to create animations, interactive stories, or
games. When the student is satisfied with their work, they can
export it in the form of a standard web page that they can share
with their friends, or instructors. Though written in, and
primarily aimed at Java, most of the concepts and structures
demonstrated in Alice are applicable in just about any modern

“For this article, I’m using Alice version 2.0.7, and you can
see the initial screen in Figure 1.”