GLX-2.3 Released

[ Thanks to Fabounet for this link.

“We mainly focused on the integration of the dock with the main
components of the Linux/BSD Desktop:

“Integration of the Compiz and Kwin effects: when 2 or more
windows of the same application are grouped inside the dock,
clicking on the main icon will trigger the Exposé of these
windows. Also, the Switcher and the ShowDesktop applets can trigger
the Exposé of all desktops, all windows, or the Widget Layer
(where you can by the way place the Cairo-Dock’s applets).

“Integration of Zeitgeist: Zeitgeist is a new service that keeps
traces of your recent activities. GLX-Dock now has an applet
dedicated to it; it lets you browse your last visited web pages,
documents, videos, musics, etc. It also adds to the launchers menu
the recent files that can be opened with this launcher (for
instance, on right-clicking on the Gimp launcher, you will have a
quick access to the recent images).”