Gnumeric 0.12 released

Miguel de Icaza writes: Hello,

New Gnumeric version, this is the miguel-will-be-out-until
monday release of Gnumeric, I will be visiting Boston, so if you
are in the area we could probably meet.

New features:

  • New function TRUNC
  • Excel loading: Michael Meeks and Sean did lots of work again on
    improving our Excel importer.
  • Internal fix that the Excel code was hitting.
  • Fixes the menu for the quick operations (on the workbook)
  • Fix to the rename-sheet function (it was displaying garbage
  • Brunno finished the support for coloring the background of
    cells, so now we can have nicely colored sheets with nice
    backgrounds 🙂
  • He also finished the foreground setting color code.
  • Now it warns if you drop a range of cells in a region that
    already has values.
  • Should include the missing files for the Perl plugin.
  • CSV code disabled until it is fixed.
  • Stricter control for removing active sheets in the code.
  • Michael provided an icon for Excel files.
  • Contributed Spanish documntation from Pablo.

You can get this at:


Best wishes,

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