Google Speeds Up the Web with Apache Web Server Module

“The open source Apache Web Server has been the leading web
server technology for over a decade. Now thanks to Google, the tens
of millions of sites that rely on the Apache Web Server may soon
benefit from a speed boost.

“Google this week launched the mod_pagespeed module for the
Apache 2.2 web server. What mod_pagespeed promises is up to 50
percent improvement on page load times, by using more than 15
optimizations to accelerate website delivery. Currently, the
mod_pagespeed technology is officially listed as the 0.9 Developer
Preview version, although that shouldn’t dissuade website
administrators from trying it out.

“”We expect that web masters and web developers will do their
testing before turning it to production,” Richard Rabbat, product
manager at Google told InternetNews.com. “A number of websites have
already starting using it in their production systems and have
tweeted about it.”

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