Groklaw: Striking Declarations

Declaration of Randall Davis of MIT: SCO Is Wrong, Wrong,

“We don’t have to reverse engineer the legal documents, so to
speak, any more to try to figure out what Randall Davis’s
Declaration says. We have it, thanks to the indefatigable Frank
Sorenson. Being a paper exhibit, it was scanned in, which means
it’s a large file and a little hard to read. But it’s readable, and
a very enjoyable read it is.

“He is a Professor of Computer Science at MIT, as most of you
know, and that’s not telling one-tenth of the story. More on his
credentials, which are amazing, in the attached Exhibits and the
first few paragraphs of the Declaration…”


SCO’s Opposition to IBM’s Motion to Strike Chris Sontag’s

“Here is SCO’s Memorandum in Opposition to IBM’s Motion to
Strike the July 12, 2004 Declaration of Chris Sontag. So they have
read what IBM and Randall Davis and Joan Thomas wrote, and this is
their response.

“Their cases, in contrast with IBM’s, take up only half a page.
As for IBM pointing out that Sontag was not qualified in his
declaration as an expert, SCO responds not by qualifying him but
instead says this:

“‘IBM’s Motion is an attempt to prevent the Court from seeing
(1) IBM public documents that contradict IBM statements to this
Court, and (2) the rudimentary, common sense observations of an
experienced industry participant that IBM, one of the most
sophisticated companies in the world would never make its internal
operation as inefficient as IBM now tells the Court they


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