GTK+ 3.0: Getting Serious

“GTK+ has come a long way. From its humble beginnings as ‘The
GIMP ToolKit,’ it is now used in a plethora of applications. In
fact, GTK+ is very popular. GNOME, one of the leading desktop
environment on Unix systems, uses GTK+ almost exclusively. The Gimp
is built upon GTK+, of course. And there are many commercial
software developers like Adobe, NVidia and VMware that decided to
use it as a base for their products.

“Still, there are several shortcomings with GTK+. Development of
the 2.x series started back in 2002. Since then, GTK+ has ripened
and aged. It has aged well, but still: its age shows. Throughout
the 2.x cycle, several years now, the developers have kept GTK+ ABI

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