Henrik Johansson: Hollywood plus / DXR3 device driver for Linux

This project is an attempt to provide the Linux community
with kernel drivers for two hugely popular DVD playback cards
namely DXR3 from Creative Labs and Hollywood Plus from Sigma
Designs. Since both of the companies refuse to release detailed
specifications, the only way to obtain the required information is
to investigate the way the Windows software interacts with the

“So far I have got enough info to make a device driver that is
capable of decoding MPEG-1 and MPEG-2 streams and generate a video
signal on the TV-out connector. The driver can also play audio PCM
streams to the analog output connector. There is plenty of work
remaining in order to make it as good (better) as the windows
software, but since we have come this far I’m convinced that we can
find out the rest too.”

“So if you have one of the mentioned DVD-cards, please give it a