Hey Linux Users, Let’s Talk About Fedora 35 and GNOME 41

Fedora is one of the best-known and most popular Linux distributions. This Fedora distro is developed by the community and has the support of Red Hat, which guarantees us excellent support and that we will always be up-to-date in terms of updates and patches.

Although Fedora 35’s default desktop is GNOME 41, we can find flavors with other pre-configured desktops thanks to its Spins. Like any other system, this distro is constantly evolving, adding new functions and features. And, as part of this evolution, today we can know what the new Fedora 35 will be like.

The community has been working for a long time on the new version of this Linux distribution, and it will arrive on our computers very soon. And, although it will not be a revolutionary update, we are going to find several improvements and news that we will see in detail below.