HOT NEW TECHNOLOGY: VMware Unveils its Virtual Platform Technology

“VMware(TM) Virtual Platform is a thin software layer that
effectively frees users from the “one machine, one operating
system” model of computing and enables multiple operating systems
and associated applications to run concurrently on a single
machine. Today’s demonstration showcased VMware(TM) the company’s
initial product offering targeted at PC and Linux users and

“Unlike emulation software, the breakthrough VMware Virtual
Platformtechnology enables users, IS managers, and developers to
establish multiple “virtual machines” on a single computer. Each
virtual machine is capable of running a standard Intel(R) x86
operating system and its applications, and is isolated from the
other machines: If a system crashes or an application hangs, other
environments are not affected.”

“The Virtual Platform from VMware instantly expands the
applications and productivity options available to our rapidly
growing user base,” said Robert F. Young, chairman and CEO of Red

“A Public Beta version of VMware for Linux can be downloaded
beginning March 15…”

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