Information Week: Linux Faces Uphill Battle For The Desktop…

“Tom Whittle, a systems administrator with Dayton-Phoenix Group
Inc., a manufacturer of parts for locomotives, is a lot like many
IT executives who’ve experienced the benefits of the Linux
operating system: He loves its performance on his company’s
intranet server, but hates to think of the headaches that would
haunt him if his company implemented Linux on its desktops.”

“Whittle says training issues are one of the biggest concerns
the Dayton, Ohio, company has about moving Linux to the desktop. To
switch, Dayton-Phoenix would have to retrain its employees on a
whole new set of applications. And the employees would likely
resist the change all the way.”

“That’s more or less the bottom line when IT managers consider
using Linux on the desktop: There’s just not enough application
support for the upstart operating system. Also, graphical user
interfaces for Linux, while vastly improved over the last year,
could still do with some polishing
, experts say.”


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