InfoWorld: ‘Lintel:’ The new frontier

Jeremy Allison

As I work at SGI (they pay me to develop Samba) I think it’s
really cool they’re finally talking about some of the work on Linux
that’s been going on here for a *long* time.

“Operating system choices for the forthcoming IA-64 platform
will become much more abundant when a group of vendors finishes
collaborating on a port of Linux to Intel’s 64-bit

“The ‘Lintel’ effort, known as the Trillian Project and funded
by Intel, is currently being cobbled together by a consortium led
by Linux developer V.A. Linux Systems. It includes Hewlett-Packard,
SGI, Intel, and Cygnus, and will soon include IBM. The first
open-source code should be available early next year, or about the
time Intel’s IA-64 chip — Merced — is ready.”

“‘The goal is to bring it to open source within the next six
months, and the code is on track,’ said Brian Biles, vice president
of marketing at V.A. Linux Systems, in Sunnyvale, Calif.”

“The genesis of the Trillian Project was an agreement earlier
this year between Intel and V.A. Linux Systems to deliver a version
of Linux for the high-end IA-64 server and workstation

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