InfoWorld: Linux users enjoy customizable interfaces

“Flexibility, logic of Gnome and KDE interfaces allow Linux
users to address their own needs, rather than the developers’,
while at the same time boosting personal productivity and

“This isn’t a story of which development environment is better
or which we prefer to use in the InfoWorld Test Center. Instead, we
take a deeper look at why developers and end-users choose one or
the other of these interfaces. Of course, there are a number of
alternatives, such as CDE (Common Desktop Environment) and others,
that developers have been using for some time.”

“Choosing between Gnome and KDE should really be up to each
user. When I set up a Linux workstation, I always install both
platforms. I’m primarily a Gnome user, but others prefer KDE. The
beauty of both environments is that they can, for the most part,
coexist and be interchanged freely. Of course, software that is
designed solely for one environment won’t look as slick and
polished on the other.”

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