InfoWorld: Take It For a Test Drive

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for this link. ]

“When it comes to buying cars, I hate test drives. Maybe I’ve
encountered just one too many used-car salesmen with bad hair and a
disingenuous smile who would gladly sell his grandmother to make a
buck. The specter of a high-pressure pitchman leering over my
shoulder makes me uncomfortable.

“But not all test drives have to be that way. One of the joys of
working with open source is that there is so much software out
there just waiting to be test driven — with nary a used car
salesman in sight.

“Indeed, people wanting to assess the usefulness of Linux can
test drive the entire OS if they want to. And thanks to the
inventive nature of the open-source community, you don’t even need
to go through a software install if you would prefer not to

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