Ingo Molnar: TUX alpha source code release

[ Thanks to Aki
for this link. ]

Date: Fri, 1 Sep 2000 04:55:49 -0400 (EDT)
From: Ingo Molnar [email protected]
To: [email protected]
Cc: [email protected]
Subject: [Announce] TUX alpha source code release

We are pleased to announce that the TUX kernel-space
HTTP-subsystem is available for download at:


WARNING: this is a developer-only, alpha release. The 1.0
‘consumer’ release will happen by the end of September. This
release is useless to you unless you are a kernel developer, and
even in that case it might eat your data, start World War III, or
drink your coffee. As of now, it is possible to cause TUX to BUG()
via a simple browser URL – sanity checks are not handled too nicely
yet. You have been warned. Further TUX development will be
coordinated through the [email protected] mailing list. (See the
attached README file for how to subscribe.)

Many thanks to Michael K. Johnson and Matt Wilson for making the
August release possible 🙂


the README file:
TUX: The Hawaii Release

This is a developer-only preview of TUX. It is incomplete; some
features are stubbed out or incompletely implemented, and packaging
is incomplete. It is provided in source-code-only form at this
time. It is not yet intended for enterprise use. It has not
undergone a security audit. It is not guaranteed to run SPECweb99
correctly, because there has been further development since the
accepted SPECweb99 runs were done, and that development may well
have diverged from SPECweb99 and web standards compliance, and has
probably changed performance. It is here so that developers besides
those at Red Hat can participate in the process of finalizing the
TUX APIs, configuration options, and documentation.

*** If it breaks, you get to keep both pieces.
*** You have been warned! The development work will happen on the
mailing list [email protected] You can join the list by sending a
mail with a subject of “Subscribe” to
[email protected]

The packages are included only in source form. The tux package
contains some basic documentation in Docbook format; if you build
the tux package it will build html documentation from the Docbook.
The kernel package, when built, builds the tux package, currently
only for the i686 enterprise kernel binary package. Because TUX’s
memory model clashes with what is needed for the enterprise kernel,
that will change; it’s just a placeholder for now. The packages
have been tested more on the Pinstripe beta than on Red Hat Linux
6.2 at this time. They will receive more testing on Red Hat Linux
6.2 in the future.

We plan to make a full release by the end of September. That
release will be validated against SPECweb99, will have updated
APIs, better configuration, richer documentation, and will be made
more readily available, with a defect tracking program to support

For more information, join the mailing list.