[email protected] Investor: Q&A: VA Linux CEO Larry Augustin

“Perhaps nothing better exemplifies the current market passion
than VA Linux (Nasdaq: LNUX), which last month enjoyed a first-day
IPO pop of 700 percent, making it the biggest public trading debut
in history.”

The mandated post-IPO quiet period recently ended, and VA
Linux president and CEO Larry Augustin has been making the media
rounds, including a chat this week with ZDII’s Larry Dignan and
Sergio Non.
Excerpts from the interview:”

“Non: First Call consensus currently has you losing about $1.60
per share this year and 81 cents next year. When do you expect to
turn a profit?”

“Augustin: We’re looking late 2001, early 2002 calendar

“Non: What do you have to do to get there?…”

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