Internal Email on Why a Software Company Migrates Away from MySQL

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for this link. ]

“GPL is basically “Here is our
charity to you, but with this money you can only do
charity.†BSD is “Here is our free
gift to you, do whatever you want with it.†Stallman
has long believed in forcing people to be charitable. Needless to
say, forcing anyone to be anything, ultimately leaves the door open
to evil. The way the door to evil was opened with GPL,
interestingly, is surprisingly similar to what happened with the
Catholic Church in the middle ages in Europe, which is what led to
the Protestant Reformation. The Church had the absolute power to
declare what is sin, which in practice meant that the Church could
also absolve anyone of any sin, essentially by decreeing it. The
Church could grant you “absolutionâ€
(forgiveness) from your sins. This evolved into selling
“indulgences†for money
— commit adultery, robbery whatever and then pay
money to the Church to buy an indulgence”

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