Interview with Ryan C. Gordon

[ Thanks to Lubos Dolezel for this
link. ]

“Ryan C. Gordon is one of the most significat Linux
developers, at least as far as porting goes. He has worked on a
host of game ports including Quake III Arena, Unreal Tournament
2004, Postal 2, Braid, or Serious Sam, but has also brought Google
Earth to Linux, and works on the SDL or PhysicsFS libraries. He is
behind the less acclaimed FatELF project as well.

“1) First of all, could you please introduce yourself to our

“My name is Ryan, and I make video games run on Linux. When I’m
not doing that, I spend time writing tools that make porting games
to Linux easier. I also run a server, icculus.org, where I host
open source projects for dozens of developers.

“I spend a lot of time thinking about how to make Linux a better
system, and hope that someday I will make some small but meaningful
contribution towards that goal.

“2) How did you get to Linux and Linux development? What’s your
job history?

“Way back in 1994 or so, I had been a hardcore OS/2 user for a
few years. I’m always struggling against the dominant system, I
guess, but at the time, I was very smug about how much better my OS
was than MS-DOS and Windows 3.1, which was stupid, since Windows 95
was about to steamroll in. I knew this, and continued to struggle
against the inevitable.”

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