Intranet Design Magazine: VisualAge for Java 3.0, Enterprise Edition [Review]

“Superior code management-the top level of Java programming is
what sets IBM VisualAge for Java 3.0 Enterprise Edition apart from
the competition. This includes a code repository and team
programming, workbench administration with all the tools needed to
organize the Java classes; packages, beans, and versions. The stuff
not only of enterprise programming but of good Java development
practice as a whole.”

“One of the strengths of VisualAge is IBM’s aggressive effort to
deploy Java across its product lines and become a champion in the
Java development community. Seldom is a product so well attended by
a wealth of free, supplementary material. The Enterprise Edition
ships with a Tutorial CD on Java Beans programming and a Partners
CD (with third-party software). There is also VisualAge Developer
Domain (VADD) at www.ibm.com/vadd, one of the better-stocked Java

“Overall, other vendors will have a hard time beating IBM. IBM
is a leader in the use of the Java language. VisualAge’s code
repository and team development, state of the art IDE, support for
Java2 and Linux
, massive support effort (free stuff), business
and e-commerce development frameworks, integrated application
server, and support for a wide range of IBM systems and software
make it a top notch product. IBM’s expertise in corporate
computing has produced one of, if not the premiere enterprise
development environments for Java.”