Introducing KDE 4 KNetworkManager

“So why did a native KDE 4 version of what is basically a system
tray icon take three and a half KDE 4 releases to complete? There
are several reasons. The original NetworkManager client was a GNOME
applet and was developed in tandem with the server. Because of
this, the NetworkManager interfaces for client developers were only
partially documented. The NetworkManager system consists of a
system daemon that receives network settings from a pair of
settings services, one of which is run by the first local logged in
user. This service supplies configuration information by placing
Connection objects on the system bus. A client application sends
commands to the service to activate these connections. One of the
first tasks, therefore, was to take the D-Bus interface
documentation system from Telepathy and apply it to the
NetworkManager D-Bus interface. This was contributed to the
upstream NetworkManager project, enabling up-to-date HTML
documentation to be produced at build time so that other client
authors can work without reading the NetworkManager C sources.”

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