Is Shuttleworth Crazy, Brave, or Smart?

“Last week Mark Shuttleworth dropped the bomb that the next
release of Ubuntu, 11.04, would ship with Unity as the default
window manager. This caused a lot of concern throughout the
community, but most were getting used to the idea, appeased by the
knowledge that GNOME Shell would be but a few clicks away. But
yesterday he went even further – he announced that Ubuntu would be
moving to the Wayland graphical server as well. Has Shuttleworth
lost his mind? Or does he know something we don’t?

“One of the biggest problems with Unity is that it requires
graphical hardware acceleration in order to function properly, but
then Ubuntu ships with open source drivers and provides easy access
to proprietary graphical drivers that provide this functionality.
So, most early concerns on this topic again were appeased for the
most part. But with yesterday’s announcement, this becomes a very
serious issue among others.

“The first issue to note is how young the Wayland project is
compared to what it is actually designed to do. Wayland is a bold