Israeli company PF1 deploys Linux E-Mail system for Shigur Express

Amos Shapira

I don’t how appropriate this is, but I read in Yesterday’s
(Sunday, January 3rd 1999) Haaretz
Daily Newspaper
(business section) that a Linux-based e-mail
system have been deployed in Shigur Express by PF1.

An interesting bit is that the installed e-mail system is
reported to fully support Hebrew, something Linux is not famous to
support very well (Microsoft products seem to have better Hebrew
support than Linux, making it harder to push Linux in Israel).

PF1 offers RedHat in Israel,
as well as installation services for businesses and private
customers. They don’t seem to mention this deal in their News

Shigur Express is the
Israeli rep. of DHL – the express shipping company. I haven’t found
a mention of this in their site either.

Disclaimer – I have no affiliation with PF1, and sometimes use
DHL’s services as a regular customer. I was just excited to see
such a positive mention of Linux in a mainstream, very
well-respected Israeli daily newspaper.

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