IT Director.com: Linux Attacks Outlook Market

“The IT world is split into two major camps, those who
employ proprietary software tools, and Open Source fanatics.
Clearly there are some realists who are psychologically equipped to
assess any technology purely on its capabilities and fit with
existing infrastructures without recourse to gut level opinion, but
these individuals are few and far between. Until recently, for many
organisations the choice of “office” systems has been a question of
using Microsoft products, IBM products, or something wacky in the
extreme. However, times are changing and distinctions are blurring.

The distinctions that are becoming obscured include not just the
technical capabilities and target markets of open source software
and proprietary systems, but also the concept of open source
software being “free” of cost. Recently Caldera and other companies
have started to introduce charging schemes for their open source
software, or at least for selected components, and for ongoing
support. Now Ximian, a paid up long time member of the open source
community, has announced the release of software that has its own
proprietary components.

Evolution 1.0 is an Outlook type tool that supports e-mail,
contact list and calendar functionality and operates on Red hat,
SuSE, Mandrake, Debian and TurboLinux platforms, but does not
operate with Caldera’s version of Linux. Ximian also state that
Evolution operates with Sun’s Solaris Unix platform.”


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