IT-Director: Microsoft faces Hobson’s choice for W2K

“Rule One of software projects: you cannot compress development
time. Time and again, less experienced managers try to turn eight
months into four only to find that that, like a tensed spring, the
required time jumps back to the initial estimates.”

“Microsoft are faced with a stark set of choices. The baying
wolves of the IT industry will jump on the slightest misfortune of
the software giant, so it will be treading very carefully over the
next few months. But what of the end user? The advice is clear, and
would be the same for any new product of this scale. Take your
time. Evaluate the product (and others) in a realistic environment,
making sure that it works with existing and planned architectures
and configurations of other software. Listen carefully to the
experiences of early adopters, and learn from them.”

“It is extremely likely that Windows 2000 arrives late,
incomplete and buggy… Whilst Microsoft will struggle, yet again,
with the blows to its reputation that this will cause, the vast
majority of potential users should remain unaffected.”