IT-Director: Nokia’s Linux box sets standards

“There’s an interesting battle developing for operating software
to drive wireless multimedia devices. Not the battle with Microsoft
this time, but the more obscure battle between Symbian and Linux.
Nokia is one of the founders of the Symbian operation that promotes
the EPOC system, originally developed by Psion. But Nokia’s
prototype multimedia terminal uses Linux.”

“Earlier this year, Linus Torvalds said that he would like to
see less emphasis on Linux as a high end server operating system
and more emphasis on its use for embedded systems. It seems that
someone at Nokia was listening and the [email protected] prototype uses

“Under the covers, Nokia have confirmed that the operating
system is Linux and the web browser is Mozilla. This could well be
a major victory for the open source movement, as current
experiments are likely to form the basis of consumer products that
will sell in very large numbers.