Jabber 0.5 available, a new open-source instant messaging platform

As posted to C.O.L.A.

Jabber  "http://jabber.org/

Jabber is a new open-source instant messaging platform designed to be
open, fast, and easy to use and extend.  It works directly over the
Internet, has distributed servers, utilizes an XML based protocol, and has
transparent compatibility with other instant messaging systems.

Jabber was started this past summer as a small project to free the author
from having to rely on ICQ, but after the early design, it grew into a
complete platform.  After undergoing many changes and enhancements this
past December, the source code has finally been made available to the
public in a developers only release.  It is intended to be a project based
on an open development model, and all of the tools(mailing list, CVS, web
site) are available to anyone interested in assisting.

The server available in this release is fully functional and ready to be
built upon.  Help is needed in connecting the back end of Jabber to other
instant messaging systems, such as ICQ, AIM, and Yahoo Pager. Anyone
familiar with any of these is welcomed, and Jabber was specifically
designed to make this cross-system communication easy to implement.

Test clients are currently available for most unixes(command line) and
Windows.  Jabber is versatile enough to support incredibly simple clients
written in only a few lines of code, so a rich set of clients should soon
be available and can be written in a short period of time.

To help out, learn more, or download the source code for the 0.5
developers release, visit http://jabber.org/