Java Trap, 2010 Edition

[ Thanks to An Anonymous Reader for
this link. ]

“When you build software in Java and the JVM, you are
being locked into only running it on a platform controlled by a
single company — Oracle. Oracle is working to maintain this
platform control by refusing to remove the field of use clauses in
the TCK, effectively preventing Apache Harmony from ever being able
to ship a real release. The lawsuit against Google also confirms
the fear of Oracle using their control of the platform

“The problem is not so much about Oracle controlling their code.
As I said above, I believe in the rights of a company to do as
these choose — but at the same time, if they choose to be bad
stewards of this, I will choose not to use their platform. Most
importantly in the Java world, is that stranglehold being placed
upon 3rd party implementations. Oracle could close source the
OpenJDK for all I care, but what offends me most is their desire to
squash alternatives implementations.”

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