KDE Dot News: Embedding external parts into KDE; KDE/GNOME integration in sight?

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“Up to now, the KPart component model was limited to embedding
in-process parts. XParts is an extension written by Matthias
Ettrich, Simon Hausmann and Lars Knoll to extend kparts and make it
possible to embed out-of-process components. The approach chosen is
toolkit independent, as can be seen by their choice to embed

“Linux and Unix developers, can now easily make KDE components
— no matter what toolkits and software they decide to develop
with. Recent Unix/Linux desktop applications are composed of small
components that could be utilized in several applications or
wherever needed. KDE is now the first desktop system to be able to
effectively integrate and provide transparent interoperability with
such software — whether written in the KDE native component model
(KParts), plain X Windows, or GTK.”

“As a first step, users can now choose to use either KDE’s
native sophisticated HTML widget or Mozilla’s (which currently
utilizes GTK) inside the KDE browser – Konqueror. … This is only
a first step. Other possibilities include providing transparent
access to OpenOffice components within KOffice, and other Bonobo
components such as Nautilus inside Konqueror… The goal is to
provide the most powerful desktop for users by allowing them to
pick and choose whatever software they like while still in the
familiar and comfortable KDE environment. KDE is close to
closing the schism within the Linux desktop environments by being
the first project to allow users to utilize all the software
written for different user interfaces within the KDE environment
with unparalleled integration.”

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