KDE Gear 21.12 Gets First Point Release, Improves Dolphin, Kdenlive, and Many Other Apps

KDE Gear 21.12.1 is here almost a month after the release of KDE Gear 21.12 to fix a few bugs in your favorite apps. For example, it improves the Dolphin file manager to no longer crash when the Ark archive manager creates .7z archives, as well as to no longer cause a new Dolphin window or tab to be opened when extracting or compressing something using the relevant context menu items.

This first point release for KDE Gear 21.12 also improves the Ark archive manager to no longer keep its welcome screen visible after you have started using the app, makes Yakuake’s window faster to appear, and improves the Spectacle screenshot utility to disable the “Annotate” button when there’s no screenshot in the window, preventing it from crashing.