KDE website features bug report system

From the KDE News

Thanks to dedicated work from Stephan Kulow, helped by
Waldo Bastian, Arnt Gulbrandsen and Andreas
, the new web based Bug Tracking System of the KDE
project is presently available. This new system is based on the
excellent Debian bugtracking system (which is OpenSource but not
yet available in a packaged form).

All the necessary details about the functioning of the new
system can be found at http://bugs.kde.org along with a
browsable list of current bugs. Much work has been undergone by the
main authors and maintainers of the KDE applications for the
filtering closing and solving of most of the over 2000 bug reports
inherited from the previous system. A big thank you to all

Testers are asked to make their submission by e-mail at the
address [email protected]. Details about
how to submit bugs are found at http://bugs.kde.org/Reporting.html.